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Why do Women Lose Their Hair?

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Hair loss in women is not a rare phenomenon, especially in recent times. The causes of alopecia are very individual and can be very different. Therefore, its successful treatment is possible only after the establishment of an accurate diagnosis.

It is necessary not only to determine the type of alopecia but also to find out the main cause of this disease.

The most common disease of the hair is seborrheic alopecia. It is observed in 25% of women. A characteristic feature of this disease is increased secretion of sebum. Approximately 30 years in the front-parietal zone of the head, hair is thinning, they become thin and dry.

A lot of factors are involved in the development of this disease. The problem can be successfully solved with the help of narrow specialists.

sudden hair loss in women

Androgenic alopecia in women is with endocrine disorders in the body, mainly in diseases of the thyroid gland.

The first sign is the thinning of the hair in the forehead and crown area. Complete alopecia with this disease does not occur. Hair loss in women is possible as a result of increased activity of dihydrotestosterone a male hormone, which leads to a disturbance in the nutrition of hair follicles.

Under its influence, the hair from the growth phase passes into a resting phase and subsequently falls out.ere.

When diffuse alopecia occurs, abundant hair loss occurs evenly throughout the scalp. This problem is associated with a malfunctioning of the whole organism. As soon as the causes of the disease are eliminated, diffuse alopecia quickly passes by itself.

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